Sister Harper's Bluff

When lives intersect along the crossroads to redemption-

It's not the Broadway, but rather the narrow path that leads you back home.

SISTER HARPER’S BLUFF unfolds in the small Adirondack town of Harper’s Bluff, where tradition and theater resist the storms of time. Traveling from Broadway’s glamour and glitz to the hilarious twists and turns of Holland’s redemption, the audience will relish the fine line separating what people think they deserve and what people really deserve with its quirky characters, humorous situations, and a strong theme of second chances.

Story by: Stephen J. Burton

Film Score: David Gilchrist


A new look at the historical saga-

Apocalypto was only the beginning...

"The strange permanence of Cortes and La Malinche (Marina) in the Mexican imagination and sensibilities reveals that they are something more than historical figures: they are symbols of a secret conflict that we have still not resolved." Octavio Paz

Producer: Christian M. Christian

Executive Producer: Kathryn De Fries